It was a great pleasure building our new home with Mary and her team. Our home in Centerville was our fourth new home, we have built. For the first 6 months of the building process, I was living in New Jersey and you might think building would be difficult. But…working with Mary, she made it easy. She is a great communicator. I always knew what was going on and was in on the decisions. Everything went smoothly. Mary is a perfectionist, and no stone is unturned with her. I highly recommend her, and it would be with great honor to have Mary build us another home in the future.

– Leslie N.

Working with Mary was a seamless and surprisingly pleasant experience. She was always available during construction and provided thoughtful and detailed answers to our many questions. She also consistently demonstrated a willingness to address any problems or concerns we had, even at her own expense. Mary worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was exactly how we wanted it.

– Jason P.

It gives me real pleasure to have an opportunity to praise Mary Hovell for having built the very best house in which we have ever lived. Our home in Springboro is the sixth house in our 62 year marriage. We moved from Toledo where we had a very large home, to a one-story brick that Mary both designed and built for us. And this, is the very best of our six houses. Beautifully constructed, arranged so that it affords both privacy and opens to accommodate large parties, and offering so much storage space that the treasures we brought from our former home fit in beautifully.

We have lived in Mary’s house for thirteen years, and in those years practically nothing has had to be fixed or replaced. The windows are still tight, the skylights have never leaked once, the tile floor looks brand new, we have never really needed a plumber.

An example of Mary’s conscientious approach: just before we moved in, two large gentlemen came to the door carrying a full-length mirror. “I already have that mirror,” said I. “Mary says there is a chip in your mirror and this is a replacement”, said they. I went back into the bath with them, and sure enough, there was a small chip at the very bottom of the original mirror.

If I would have had that mirror in my house for the the thirteen years, I would never have noticed that chip.

We had planned to live in our house forever, but my husband predeceased me and I must move-on. But I will always be grateful to Mary for having built a home that held all of our happy dreams.

– Betsy H.