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we work hard to...


earn and keep your business.  we want youR experience to be a pleasant one. it's important to us.  WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE AND GIVING YOU A SUPERIOR FINISHED PRODUCT.

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If you choose michael's...

There will be no surprises after deciding to build with us.  we will provide you an accurate quote and you will know all your costS upfront.  we don't feel it's in your best interest to give you immediate pricing, in order to make a quick sale.  for us, it's not about selling another's about building you a new home!

why choose us...


with over 30 years of experience, michael's custom homes is recognized as one of dayton's finest builders. mary hovell, president and owner of michael's custom homes is dedicated to building quality, custom-designed homes.  each home receives mary's personal touch through her design talents and finishing skills.

I do what some choose not to.

I build quality, custom-designed homes.

I've been doing it successfully for over 30 years.

My homes are designed with livability, comfort, and style.